Texas: Fredericksburg and Austin

There was a sense of urgency about this Texas trip: it would be my last for a little while. At the end of July, I packed up and moved back to my home state of Alabama to take a new job at the University of North Alabama. I had been talking about taking a trip to Fredericksburg practically since I arrived in Texas in 2010. It was now or much later (not never).

Truth is, I didn’t snap many photos on this excursion. This was about hanging out with people I care about and knowing that I wouldn’t be getting to visit with them much in the immediate future. But I took a couple of pics of some restaurants we visited while exploring Fredericksburg’s main shopping district. I particularly enjoyed some of the German cuisine and beer, and if you like wineries, there are plenty to explore (and taste their products) around here.



Because we were so close, we decided to spend one of our days in nearby Austin. We started by swimming in the exceptionally chilly waters of Barton Springs and finished up with some grub at Magnolia Cafe.




Bonus Photo!

I miss Texas Panhandle sunsets.


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