Visit International News Sources

I often tell my students they should make it a habit to visit a variety of news sources. That usually elicits questions about my own news routines.

My first piece of advice is to broaden their consumption habits beyond commercial television. Commercial TV news plays an important role in our news media landscape, but it isn’t thorough enough to cover a large number of issues with much depth and context.

Related to that, I recommend that my students limit their consumption of American cable news programming. I readily admit that I have soured on our cable news system. I find their editorial and programming choices to be largely lacking in substance and relevance. I’m convinced they serve the dollar, not the public.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it is rare when I encounter students who follow reporting from non-U.S. news organizations. We live in an era when we have a seemingly infinite number of news and information providers available to us. I encourage my students to take a look at these occasionally and compare their coverage of events to what they’re seeing/reading/hearing in the U.S. news media.

In that spirit, I’ve assembled a few recommendations, just to get students started. These organizations have websites, free apps for smartphones and tablets, and/or they provide free access to podcasts. They also produce content in the English language. I recognize the irony that several of these are TV operations (see my TV comments from above). I’ve learned through several International Journalism courses that global television news operations provide an easy gateway for students to begin experimenting with international news content.


NHK World (Japan) —

BBC (United Kingdom) —

France 24 (France) —

Deutsche Welle (Germany) —


PRI’s The World (United States) —

DW’s Inside Europe (Germany) —

Digital Print

The Guardian (United Kingdom) —

One final note: I used to feature Al Jazeera English in my International Journalism courses, but once Al Jazeera America launched as a cable channel, the corporation cut off access to live streaming and much of AJE’s video programming content here in the United States. With Al Jazeera America shutting its doors later this spring, it appears some video content has been made available again on Al Jazeera English’s website —

That address will take you to Al Jazeera America, but look for the AJE link in the upper right corner of the page.

Have fun exploring some different perspectives!

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