Travel Photos of 2015

This past year was full of terrific travel opportunities. Another group of West Texas A&M University students traveled to South Korea on a Study Abroad program, an adventure I had been looking forward to for two years. I made my first ever trip to South America, and I was able to check a few “must experience” items off of my wish list. This post features some of my photos, and nearly all of them are new to this blog (there’s a repeat or two). Thanks for sharing my travels with me this year, and best wishes for a new year filled with opportunities for exploration!

IMG_2634A view of rainy Quito, Ecuador, from Basílica del Voto Nacional. March 17.

IMG_2668Imbabura Volcano and San Pablo Lake, Otavalo, Ecuador. March 20.

IMG_9286Las Vegas, Nevada. April 11.

IMG_2934Woman diver, or haenyeo, at Sunrise Peak, Jeju Island, South Korea. May 20.

IMG_9653Korean BBQ, Gwangju, South Korea. May 23.

IMG_9803Banpo Bridge over the Han River, Seoul, South Korea. May 27.

IMG_9906Spire from the ruins of Cathedral Church of St. Michael, Coventry, England. June 3.

IMG_0061Hôtel de Ville, Paris, France. June 8.

IMG_3295Shakespeare family dining room, Stratford-upon-Avon, England. June 11.

IMG_0187Fish and chips with mushy peas and Bass beer, Birmingham, England.  June 13.

IMG_0352Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland. June 16.

IMG_0543Edinburgh, Scotland. June 20.

IMG_3401Loch Ness, Scotland. June 21.


Greenwich Prime Meridian marker, London, England. June 24.

IMG_1287Disney’s Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida. September 17.

IMG_1970Las Vegas, Nevada. November 19.

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