Arriving in Edinburgh, Scotland

When I was younger, I used to say that I’d get enough sleep when I’m dead. Now that I’m in my 40s, I still feel that way: I’ll sleep when I’m dead. But I’ll also sleep when I’m worn out. That’s how I was feeling when I arrived in Edinburgh after a month traveling across parts of Asia and Europe. I was excited to be there, but I was dragging a bit.


I flew in from Dublin and was planning a slow-paced, relaxing week in Edinburgh. I took the tram from the airport to York Place and then hiked from there to my apartment along Leith Walk.


This is a terrific neighborhood with a lot of international character. It’s also an easy walk (for me) to many of the major tourist spots I wanted to see, so I’d certainly recommend staying in Leith if you’re able. I arrived late in the day, so I settled into my apartment, bought some groceries, figured out how to use a fan oven, and got some rest.

The next morning, I was walking from Leith to Princes Street (a major shopping and tourism area) when I came across this statue dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his fictional detective Sherlock Holmes:


Edinburgh is full of cool finds like that. Another landmark of distinction is the Scott Monument, which was built in the mid-nineteenth century to commemorate novelist Sir Walter Scott. For a few British pounds, you can climb up inside of it for some nice views of the surrounding area. I hate heights, but I mustered up enough courage to get to the first viewing platform.









I took this photo of the Scott Monument from Princes Street Gardens:


Bonus Photo!

One of the things that struck me about Edinburgh is that it has a nice mix of modern and historic. I was thinking about that while gazing up at Edinburgh Castle from the very hip Yo! Sushi restaurant on Princes Street.


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