Returning to Paris, France

It had been seven years since my last visit to Paris, so it was quite nice getting back to “The City of Light” for a week of exploration. My globe-trotting colleagues and I traveled via Eurostar train from London St. Pancras International to Paris Gare du Nord.

I’m planning to publish a few blog posts about my visit, and they won’t necessarily be in chronological order. I’ll start with the landmark that pretty much shows up in everyone’s photo collection — the Eiffel Tower. But folks hoping for one of those iconic photographs had to settle for something a little different. The French Open at Roland-Garros was in full swing, and the tower was all about that Grand Slam tournament.







My travel partners were making their first visit to Paris and only had a few days in the city, so we made sure to visit some of the major landmarks during their stay. Sacré-Cœur was as crowded — and as beautiful — as ever.





Visitors to Sacré-Cœur also know that the views of Paris from here are quite lovely.





You can’t go to Paris without visiting the Louvre. Okay — sure you can. But we went anyway, and this is the moment when one of my decades-long pursuits came to a satisfying conclusion. When I was in 7th grade (during the latter half of the 1980’s), my world history teacher introduced me to the Code of Hammurabi. I was fascinated, and I swore to myself that I would see it one day.

During the Christmas/New Years holiday of 2005-2006, I was in Paris for the first time and headed straight to the Louvre to find the code. Unfortunately, the entire wing that housed the Code of Hammurabi was shut down for renovation. Strike 1. I’m sure I’ll come back to Paris again, I thought.

When I was back in 2008, I gleefully paid my Louvre admission, followed the signs to the code, and finally! No. It was an empty display with a sign stating the code had been moved downstairs for a special exhibit. The line was hours long, and I didn’t have hours. Strike 2. I left, cursing my luck.

This time around, I was prepared for major disappointment again. Fate had other plans.





That was awesome.

Bonus Photo!

We got a glimpse of the famous Moulin Rouge while wandering through the Montmartre area.


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