WTAsia2015: One Week in Seoul

Our visit to Jeju Island was a relatively short three nights, and our time in Gwangju flew by after only two nights. By then, I think most of the WTAsia2015 travel writing crew were eager to settle down for a bit. Ready for the final leg of our journey, we arrived at the station in Gwangju and waited for our train to Seoul.


We did so many things in Seoul that it would take several blog posts to cover all of them. Instead, I’m going to share a few photos from some of our group activities as we explored one of my favorite cities.

IMG_3053Cheonggyecheon Stream

IMG_3071Gwanghwamun Square

IMG_3081Arirang television and radio studios

IMG_9831LG Twins baseball game at Jamsil Stadium

IMG_9859Visiting students at Chungdahm Learning English language academy

These photos represent just a sliver of our adventures in and around Seoul. We had a terrific dinner in Hongdae one night with the director and producer of the documentary Here Comes Uncle Joe, which we screened during the spring semester. Huge thanks go to the chef and excellent wait staff at THE BEASTRO, who went out of their way to make that evening memorable. Our group visited the DMZ with KORIDOOR tours, and we explored numerous sites renowned for their cultural, historical, religious, and commercial significance.

I’ve been hoping that my students found the entire WTAsia2015 experience to be a special time in their lives — from our first course meeting in January; the really long flight from Dallas to Seoul in May; managing varying degrees of jet lag the first few days; exploring South Korea for nearly two weeks and learning from the people who live there; touching down back home in Amarillo; and finally to the moment they turned in their travel writing stories.

This final photo sums up my hopes for them:


When our June 1st departure day arrived, I didn’t return to Texas with the group. I kept flying westward and landed in London to begin a nearly month-long adventure that allowed me to check off two major life experiences that I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. I’ll have more about those excursions in the following posts.

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