WTAsia2015: Jeju’s Traditional 5-Day Market

We had a “pick your own adventure” theme for our second day on Jeju Island. I was interested in doing something that I hadn’t done on my previous trips, and my timing was good. The Jeju City Traditional 5-Day Market only operates five days a month, and it was open on this particular day. Some others were interested, too, so we climbed aboard a bus and took off.




That hand gesture my students are making means “Go Buffs!” West Texas A&M University’s mascot is a buffalo. This market is really big, and lots of people shop there. For anyone who has lived or traveled a lot in Asia, you’ll recognize these scenes immediately.









Later that evening, we got the WTAsia2015 crew back together for a night of entertainment. We watched a performance of NANTA. It’s really entertaining; click the link for an explanation. The actors often break the fourth wall, directly engaging with the audience and bringing members on stage as part of the act. After the performance, the cast took a photo with everyone who stood in line to get one.


That was our last night in Jeju. We had only spent two full days on the island, and my students were already regretting their departure the next day. Several of them made promises to themselves that they would return one day.

Next Post: Getting to Gwangju

Bonus Photo!

Yeha Guesthouse keeps pin boards showing where their guests come from each year.


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