WTAsia2015: Getting to South Korea

The WTAsia2015 Travel Writing study abroad course is in the books! Thirteen West Texas A&M University students (and two faculty members) got up crazy early on Tuesday, May 19, to start the long journey from Amarillo, Texas, to South Korea. Here we are awaiting our flight out of Amarillo:


We spent the spring semester studying travel writing, learning to read Hangul, and exploring Korea’s culture. For my fellow teachers out there, if you’d like to see how my colleague and I started this process, check out the Journal of Media Education‘s April 2015 issue. Our essay is on page 54.

When departure day finally arrived, we took our first flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, then spent more than 13 hours flying to Incheon International Airport. We were tired but in good spirits.



From there, we took a bus to Gimpo International Airport for our flight to Jeju Island. We took taxis to our guesthouse and by the time we settled in, it was late Wednesday night. There wouldn’t be much rest for the weary, though — we planned to start exploring the island the next morning.

Next post: Sunrise Peak and Jeju Women Divers

Bonus Photo!

We ran into “Weird Al” Yankovic while eating breakfast at DFW Airport. I’ve been a fan of his since I bought “Weird Al” Yankovic in 3-D on cassette in the early 1980s. He was incredibly gracious and let us take a photo with him.


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