San Antonio, Texas

I drove from Amarillo to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago to attend a really great conference for high school journalists and their teachers: the Texas Association of Journalism Educators Fall Fiesta. Despite the eight hour drive, I still haven’t passed up an opportunity to spend a little time in San Antonio. There are many things to do there, and there’s so much culture, but there’s no denying that the River Walk holds a special place for the city’s visitors. As nighttime approached, I walked down to the waterway and made a beeline for some Texas-style BBQ.


The next morning, I wandered back down to the Alamo with the whole day in front of me. I had no solid plans — until I saw the City Sightseeing double decker bus. Touristy? Totally. Do I really care? Nope. I’ve done this in other cities across the world, and it’s always fun. I don’t have to drive, and it takes me to places I haven’t seen. Here are a few obligatory “I’m sitting on top of a double decker bus” photos.






Okay, enough of that. The first stop was San Antonio’s Museum of Art. The collections are really great (I enjoyed its Asian art, in particular), and I’ll spare you a bunch of photos of museum exhibits. But here are a couple, anyway.




The Pearl Brewery is also on the bus tour and is a lively spot. You’ll find food, shopping, history and culture here.



The Spanish Governor’s Palace is a National Historic Landmark and boasts a really nice courtyard that invites visitors to stay awhile and rest in the shade.




Is there anyone who doesn’t visit Market Square for a few minutes during a trip to San Antonio? I’m not much of a shopper, but I usually get over there during my visits just to stroll down the main alley and soak up the energy.



Fess up time: I didn’t actually go into Hemisfair Park and get a bird’s eye view of the city from the Tower of the Americas. I have made it abundantly clear on this blog that I don’t like high places. Maybe next time….




And what trip to San Antonio would be complete without a visit to the Alamo? Seriously — I feel like I learn something new every time I visit. It’s worth fighting the crowds and the “ugh, tourists” mentality.


Bonus Photos!

There’s an Old Spanish Trail zero milestone marker outside of City Hall.



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