Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

I was pleasantly surprised to run across a few photos from Karlovy Vary, which is located in the Czech Republic. I went on a day trip there when I was touring the country in 2008, but the experience had slipped my mind.

To say that this is a spa town would be an understatement. Its thermal springs have been attracting royals and nobility since the 14th Century. It’s common practice to drink the mineral water that comes out of the fountains — and I did (I wouldn’t want to disappoint the locals). These photos are of some of the springs and the buildings around the town’s Hot Spring Colonnade.










Bonus Fact #1 — A lot of Russian is still spoken here, and the city has a very strong Russian influence.

Bonus Fact #2 — Some of the scenes from the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale were filmed here.

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