Honeycomb Natural Bridge and Ghost Creek Falls

I’m nearly 40 years old, and there have been countless times in my life when I’ve traveled along Highway 431 through Marshall County, Alabama. I have family “just up the highway” in neighboring Madison County, so it was a bit of a shock to learn that I had been passing within a half mile of the Honeycomb Natural Bridge and Ghost Creek Falls for my entire life and didn’t even know about this awesome spot.

This natural formation sits on private property. Jim and Carol Meekins live here (my mother went to school with Carol), and they’ve spent years landscaping and maintaining the property. They allow public visitors, though, because they believe the place is just too beautiful to keep to themselves. They’ve set up a Facebook page for it, and the Encyclopedia of Alabama has a fine entry about it, too. Both web pages include directions to the site.

Here are a few photographs of the Natural Bridge.




Ghost Creek Falls is to the right of the bridge. It got its name because the water disappears and reemerges as it flows down the mountainside.





Eventually, the waterfall works its way beneath the Natural Bridge.



Bonus photo!

As I mentioned above, the owners have spent a lot of time landscaping the area. This is what it looks like. We were told that it’s much more beautiful in the spring.


2 thoughts on “Honeycomb Natural Bridge and Ghost Creek Falls

  1. Butler, it’s been years since I’ve visited this gem, and that was only once. You’ve made me want to go back. Thanks for sharing the photos, a nice overall view and perspective!
    ~Pat Sanders

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