Barcelona: Gaudi’s Park Guell

Barcelona has embraced Antoni Gaudi’s architectural genius, and his works have helped define the city. Many of his projects are included on Barcelona’s “must see” lists for tourists. Park Guell served as my first introduction to Gaudi’s unique style.

Before we get to the pictures, here are a couple of quick notes to consider. This park will be exceptionally crowded. You’ll have to be a bit patient and wait your turn to take in (unobstructed by people) the wonderful views of the city from the park’s observation areas. Also, if you decide to walk to the park, be prepared for a pretty significant hike uphill. I noticed several folks who had stopped for a little rest before continuing their journey upward.


I took the picture above at the entrance into the park. Notice the people standing on the roof of the columned structure. That’s a terrific spot for a photo (as you’ll see in some pictures below).





Of the places I visited during my stay, Park Guell provided my favorite view of Barcelona. It’s easy to see why this part of the park is so popular with tourists wanting some terrific photographs.



The park’s grounds are landscaped to provide visitors with an enjoyable experience, as well. Once you’re done exploring Gaudi’s architecture, you can simply wander around and take in a little bit of nature. The trails also lead to Casa Museu Gaudi. Entrance into the park is free, but there’s a fee to explore the Gaudi museum.







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