Settling Into Barcelona, Spain


I arrived in Barcelona via Luxair (the picture is of my departure from Luxembourg City). My first experience with, and first memory of, Barcelona was aboard this airplane. As we were descending to land at Barcelona–El Prat Airport, I could see the city’s Mediterranean coastline off to my right. It was exciting because I had neither visited Spain nor seen the Mediterranean Sea.

A great friend of mine had traveled to Barcelona before and stayed at BarcelonaBB. She recommended it highly, so that’s where I stayed. I rented the Blue Room and had a terrific experience. The common area is awesome, too.



BarcelonaBB’s location is very close to several restaurants, the metro system and public buses. It’s also within walking distance to La Sagrada Familia, one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations (more on that later). I had to take care of a little business, though, before I could start touring the city. I had been traveling through Europe for nearly two weeks and had only done laundry once. I had no more clean clothes, so I asked my hosts to direct me to the nearest laundromat.


It wasn’t how I had envisioned my first authentic Barcelona experience, but I do enjoy trying to live like a local when I can. After I dragged my clean clothes back onto a bus and made it back to my room, and wandered around the neighborhood for the rest of the evening and started getting my bearings.

On the next Barcelona post: I finally put my feet into the Mediterranean Sea.


2 thoughts on “Settling Into Barcelona, Spain

  1. Benvingut a Barcelona, Butler! I hope you find yourself at home very quickly. Check out the Barcelona Daily Guide on the @mydiagonal twitter feed and the tips in my blog.

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