Lake Guntersville, Alabama

Well … I’ve broken my Europe narrative to share a few photos from my home state of Alabama. It’s been an unusually travel-rich summer for me, so much so that I haven’t been able to finish blogging about one trip before I’ve taken off on the next one.

But this post will consist primarily of photos from Lake Guntersville in Marshall County, Alabama. My family rented a lakeside spot for 10 days at Honeycomb Campground, which is located just off of Highway 431 between Huntsville and Guntersville. It’s a gorgeous area, and these are photos from various spots out on the lake.










Bonus photos!

Pairing lakeside living with a Southern-style corn boil makes for a pretty good evening. Here’s ours: a fish fryer with propane, a bucket, 18-20 ears of corn (with light husks), a bunch of carrots, several onions, a quartered head of cabbage, a lot of potatoes, and plenty of sliced sausage. Fill the bucket with water, put a lid on it, and cook the contents over medium heat for about two-and-a-half hours. That’s all you’ve got to do.



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