Tokyo Disney Resort

I had been telling our group for months that if anyone wanted to go to Tokyo Disney Resort, we would go. It wasn’t a requirement, but it was a pretty attractive offer. Sunday was a free day for us, and I volunteered to go to Disney with anyone who wanted to check it out.

Several members of our group had never been to a Disney theme park, so that was a big selling point. Tokyo Disneyland has attractions similar to the ones you’ll find at other Disney properties. However, this resort has another park that you won’t find anywhere else — Tokyo Disney Sea. It’s the only one in the Disney theme park franchise. A couple members of our group visited Tokyo Disneyland while the rest of us visited Tokyo Disney Sea.




Let me say a couple of words about the popcorn. There are numerous popcorn carts throughout the park, featuring about eight different flavors. The popcorn carts are so popular that their locations are even featured on the theme park map.


Disclosure: this is the third time I’ve been to Disney Sea since 2003, and it’s the fourth time I’ve been to Tokyo Disney Resort (all of them were with different people). But, this was the first time I got to share the experience with my students, and as you might imagine, we had a great time. I even ended up with some Minnie Mouse ears — but only for the photo.

Next post: Tsukiji Fish Market and the world’s tallest broadcasting tower, Tokyo Skytree.

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