Blog Break While Traveling in Europe

I’ve got to give props to all of you travel bloggers who explore new places and then write about them that evening or the next day. When I travel, I’ve found that I’m usually too exhausted for that. I also tend to forget to shave regularly. (Don’t ask about the sunglasses.)


That was certainly the case during the past couple of weeks. I had been blogging about my study abroad trip to South Korea and Japan, and I abruptly stopped as I was transitioning to Tokyo. That’s because I spent the first half of this month exploring European countries that I had not visited before: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain.

I’m going to resume the blog posts about my June trip to Tokyo, but here’s just a little preview of some of the things you can expect to read concerning the four countries mentioned above.

I started my trip in Mechelen, Belgium, where a cruise on the Dijle (also Dyle) River will take you under a bridge that dates back to the 13th century.


From there, I moved on to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where the Anne Frank House is a “must visit.”


Brussels has the Grand Place, reputed to be the most beautiful square in all of Europe. My timing was a bit off: it was full of tents.


I think Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, is gorgeous. I wished I had scheduled a few extra days there. The pic below is a panorama of the city’s ancient quarters.


My trip wrapped up in Barcelona, Spain, another one of Europe’s beautiful cities. It was my first opportunity to stick my feet into the Mediterranean Sea.


There are a lot more photos to come, so I invite you to keep coming back and thank you for letting me share my travels with you. But in the meantime, we’ll get back to Tokyo for the next few posts.

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