The Opportunity for Study Abroad

Asia Class

That’s a pretty good-looking bunch, huh? My faculty partner and I have spent nearly two years putting together an upcoming study abroad trip for a group of communication students at West Texas A&M University. Since January, we’ve been teaching a weekly course in preparation for our “Travel Writing: Seoul and Tokyo” excursion this summer. That’s a pic of the class above.

First stop: Seoul, South Korea.


The planning for this portion of the trip went without a hitch, really. Except for North Korea’s shenanigans. That made a few students … and parents … and an administrator or two … a bit edgy. I’ve been assuring folks that it’s cyclical and will calm down at some point. At the moment, it looks like that’s how things are shaping up.

Next stop: Tokyo, Japan.


We got a surprise for this leg of the trip after we had lined up all of our apartments. Soon after booking, the owner of two of the apartments we were renting found out she was getting transferred to another location. That left us scrambling to find some new accommodations, but fate smiled on us and we were able to line up something else within a few weeks.

And here’s another pleasant surprise, as far as Japan is concerned. When I traveled there last summer, the exchange rate was approximately 79 Yen per dollar. Ouch. Now, according to the XE currency converter, look at how many Yen we can expect to get (if the current trend holds).

Yen exchange

I’m fortunate to work with university administrators who value international travel. I was at an end-of-semester party this weekend where one faculty member was taking a group of students to Bolivia while another was taking students to Scotland. Both groups were leaving the following morning. Two of my departmental colleagues spent the previous week in Peru conducting a site visit. One of my students is preparing to study abroad in the Ukraine this fall. And WTAMU found a way to fund my travels to Europe later this summer (more on that in another post).

SHAMELESS PROMOTION: If you’re a student who’s interested in studying communication and getting opportunities to travel internationally during your undergraduate studies, get in touch and I’ll tell you all about what we offer at West Texas A&M.  And if you’re a faculty member somewhere and you’re planning your first study abroad trip, I’ll be happy to share our experiences putting this course together.

Feel free to contact me through this site and I’ll follow up with you.

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