Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one of those man-made world wonders I had heard about my whole life but had never seen in person. I rectified that earlier this month during my road trip out west. This series of pictures was taken from the observatory in the Visitor’s Center. The Hoover Dam is just too “dam” big to fit into one photograph, so these show it from top to bottom.




You can walk across the dam, and certain vehicles are allowed to cross it, too. If you’re walking, you can cozy right up to the edge of it. I advise heeding the “Danger Keep Off Wall” warnings.


The photo below was taken from the top of Hoover Dam. The bridge in the distance is Highway 93 and sits just outside of Boulder City, Nevada. It spans the Colorado River.


When you turn around to view the other side of Hoover Dam, you’ll see Lake Mead.IMG_0243


The Visitor’s Center is worth the few bucks it costs to get in, particularly because it has a museum with lots of great information about the dam. I found the time lapse film of the dam’s entire construction fascinating. Because it’s made from concrete, and concrete needs to cool properly to be sound, the dam had to be built in sections. The museum also details how 96 men — the number is disputed in some circles — lost their lives building the Hoover Dam. There’s a memorial to them nearby.



Travel Tip: You don’t have to pay a dime to walk across the Hoover Dam (you do, however, have to pay to park in the parking deck as you arrive). But, if you decide to go into the Visitor’s Center, you’ll go through a security check. They don’t allow food in there. So if you want to make sure your mother can keep those extra-fancy M&M’s she bought at M&M’s World in Las Vegas but forgot about having them in her purse, you’ll have to take them back to your vehicle.

Bonus Photos!

The Hoover Dam puts out a massive amount of power. Power lines are all over the place.



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