The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park holds such a sacred place in America’s psyche — not to mention its significance to geology, archaeology, and a host of other disciplines — that I don’t feel the need to describe its importance to anyone. I’m simply going to provide some of my favorite photos.

I traveled to the Grand Canyon in early March 2013. You’ll notice that it had recently snowed, which added a pleasant element to the entire experience. All of these photos were taken along the Kaibab/Rim Route (the orange bus line).











Travel tip: the Visitor Center’s parking lot was packed with automobiles and people when I arrived. If you want to avoid the crazy crowds and get a parking spot fairly quickly, I suggest driving a little farther into the park to the Market Plaza. The Village Route bus line (the blue one on the map) runs here and connects to both the orange and red lines. You can do some shopping at the Canyon Village Marketplace (a pretty large grocery store) and, if you’re so inclined, eat at the Canyon Cafe at Yavapai Lodge. There’s also a post office and a bank in the village.

One other note: Grand Canyon National Park no longer sells bottled drinks of any kind. Plastic bottles proved to be the number one most discarded item among litterbugs, so the park has banned selling bottles. You’re allowed to bring them in yourself, though.

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