Dallas, Texas

I took an overnight trip to Dallas, Texas, in July 2011 to catch a Rangers baseball game with an old college friend who happened to be coming through the area. We sat in the left field stands at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. It was hot as blue blazes that afternoon. It stayed above 100 degrees well into the evening. Unfortunately, there was a sad note to this particular game. The night before, a baseball fan was trying to catch a ball that had been tossed to him, flipped over the outfield railing and fell about 20 feet. He died later at a nearby hospital. The next night, guards were stationed along the outfield rails to prevent fans from getting too close.

Back Camera

The next morning, we headed over to what has surely become an obligatory stop for many who have visited Dallas since 1963. As the marker below notes, Dealey Plaza is a place of historical significance. It is where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

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The former Texas School Book Depository Building (the building on the left below) is where Lee Harvey Oswald positioned himself to shoot Kennedy as his motorcade passed below. The next picture, which was taken a little farther back and to the left of the first photo, shows some of the infamous “grassy knoll.” The third picture is from farther away still.Back Camera

Back Camera

Back CameraThe historical marker attached to the book depository building includes a history of the building before it was forever linked with Kennedy’s assassination. If you look on the bottom right, you’ll notice that a section of the marker has been defaced.

Back Camera

The word “allegedly” has clearly been singled out on the monument, most likely because of the numerous conspiracy theories that continue to be associated with this momentous historical event.

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