Why Do We Journalists Sound Jubilant?

I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to a lot of the coverage coming out of Egypt during the past couple of weeks. On the whole, I think it has been outstanding.

As I was viewing and listening today to the reports that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had resigned the presidency, I noticed something. Reporters covering the crowds in Tahrir Square in Cairo spoke in a tone of voice that, until today, I hadn’t heard before. The tone they used could best be described as jubilant.

Let me say this: I’m not trying to paint with too broad a brush. I won’t claim that every reporter was doing this. But, it happened enough for me to notice it. So I started to wonder why this might be happening.

Is it possible that journalists, whose colleagues (perhaps even themselves) were being hunted and harassed, assaulted and arrested just days ago, are celebrating the comeuppance of a thuggish regime?

Could it be the inevitable release that this part of the saga is finally over and journalists can return to their respective homes?

Could these correspondents simply be getting caught up in the jubilant mood of  the crowd?

I’m also hearing gratitude from interviewees who are thanking media outlets for their important coverage. Is there a chance that we, the news media, see this as our victory, too?

I’m not sure any of these questions can be answered adequately. But I still think they should be asked.

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