I am the Future

Please hold off on the “wow, he’s conceited” comments. Let me explain.

WT’s Department of Communication puts on “Communication Week” every spring. It’s a five-day event that showcases what we do. One of the events is a fashion show in which teams of students are responsible for dressing a faculty “model.” I was recruited because of my modeling and fashion background (if you don’t know me, I need to explain that the previous statement is a lie).

Our theme this year is “Looking Forward, Looking Back” and my fellow models will be donning clothing from various decades. During a recent meeting, I noted that there was no one who would be wearing an outfit from the future. That, of course, meant that I volunteered to be future boy. I’m the only guy competing against my lovely female colleagues, so I’m hoping to get a few pity votes.

The clothing is completely controlled by the students, so I’m placing my faith in them. If there are any photos (and I’m certain that there will be), I’ll try to post one on Facebook. It’ll happen in mid-February.

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