Couldn’t Overcome This Challenge

Well, dang it.

The Prairie missed its final issue of the semester this week. We couldn’t put it together because WT’s Fine Arts Complex got suplexed by some ornery equipment.

The Internet, network drives and some computer systems went down over the weekend. We produce The Prairie with that stuff, so we were out of luck. On Monday, service was restored ever so briefly, and we were hopeful we could get the paper out by our regular Tuesday morning deadline. Nope. Service went back down, and the servers that we need may not be able to be accessed for another several days.

Check out my awesome quotation in the Amarillo Globe-News.

This happened at a terrible time because it’s the last week of classes. Final projects of all kinds — print, video, audio — are sitting in a virtual holding pattern (if they didn’t get deleted, that is). Students from across the communication disciplines can’t get to them. Some of my faculty colleagues on the first floor still don’t have electricity in their offices.

After some student freak outs and subsequent reassurances from faculty, things are moving along as best they can. In fact, the last issue of The Prairie is now available online.

On a bright side, I’m treating my newspaper staff to an end-of-the-semester dinner in just a few minutes. I’ve asked a lot of them this semester, and they deserve some recognition.

What better gift for college journalists than free food?

One Response to “Couldn’t Overcome This Challenge”
  1. Rogers Alley says:

    I've never seen a power outage like that before. Usually, it is something with the servers themselves.

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