Gettin’ Lucky

Oh, stop it! I’m talking about grant-funded research.

Getting grants is a big deal in academia. Some of the best researchers can pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars for their work. I’m still sitting in the grant funding sandbox, but I’ve had a couple of small successes recently that I’m quite excited about.

I started with a grant request to attend a Poynter Institute seminar sometime next summer. Poynter is the recognized leader in journalism training, and I’ve always wanted to attend one of their week-long seminars. As a journalism faculty member, it’s really important to me that I stay up on the industry’s professional practices. I don’t want to become one of those corduroy-coat-with-elbow-patches-wearing, never-heard-of-Tweeter kind of professors. (Disclosure: I own corduroy coats. Plural.)

As usual, there were way more requests than could possibly be funded. But, I’m one of the lucky ones. The review committee here at WT liked my application enough to give me partial funding. It won’t cover all of my travel costs, but the amount will essentially cover Poynter’s tuition. Hey, St. Petersburg, Florida! I’m coming your way soon.

Earlier this week, I was notified that I received another grant to travel up to Worcester, Massachusetts, this summer to do some archival research at the American Antiquarian Society.

Now, don’t be all “Freakin’ geek! He wants to vacation at a LIBRARY! Dork.” The books I’m wanting to examine — the Senate and Assembly journals of the New York State Legislature from 1827-1829 — are only available at the AAS. The Society has the only copies available in the world, and they don’t loan them out. I’m planning to look at how lawmakers considered the issue of press freedom as it related to the legal concept of contempt by publication.

Party in the archives, y’all.

One Response to “Gettin’ Lucky”
  1. Justin Cain says:

    Antiquarian Society? Is you one of them fish-haters I hear abouts on the conservative radio and The Rush broadcast and everything? You want a grant so's you can participate in a anti-fish rally? You gonna waste government money on your fetish for fish hatred? In THESE tough, ecological times?!? Well I never…You caint spell bass without ass, now can ye, Mr college professor man? (Btw, your long haired, rock n' roll brother says 'hey'.)

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