First Edition of the Student Paper

The first edition of WT’s student newspaper, The Prairie, got a lot of attention even before it was published and landed on campus today.

The Amarillo Globe-News, which is publishing our newspaper, ran a short article on the reemergence of The Prairie this past weekend. Two of Amarillo’s TV stations ran a story on us Monday, and a third station dropped by today.

The amount of attention says a lot about the changes that have occurred at the newspaper. The students are taking their roles as journalists seriously, and they’re starting to practice professional-level discipline (e.g., meeting deadlines, or missing them and suffering the consequences). After the paper arrived on campus, I received several e-mails from faculty and administrators congratulating the staff, and I passed all of them along.

I could tell that the students were proud of their work, but they didn’t take a whole lot of time to celebrate. When 4 PM came around, they were back in their weekly meeting, plotting out story ideas and assignments for the next edition. The board is already full.

P.S. It’s still a work in progress, but The Prairie‘s website is undergoing some renovations. If you want to take a peek, you can find it here.

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