First Day of the Semester

I’ll use one of my favorite metaphors here. I’m sitting in the roller coaster, and we’ve just shot out of the gate. And I won’t be getting off until we pull back in (that’ll be in December).

Like a lot of universities that are experiencing growth, West Texas A&M is working to expand its parking options. Right now, as my department chair has said, a parking permit is simply a “license to hunt.” All of you university types know exactly what I’m talking about, especially during the first week of classes.
I asked around, though, and found out that if I get to campus by 8 AM, I’ll be able to find a spot close to my building. So far, so good.
I thought I’d share a few notes from the first day, which was, on the whole, quite good.
I had copied all of my syllabi over the weekend, so I didn’t have to stand in line at the copier. However, I did have to make some copies from one of my textbooks because both bookstores in town didn’t have enough books (I mean, I only ordered them nearly four months ago).
Students seemed excited to be back in class and into a routine again. The campus was buzzing with a lot of activity, and I’m getting to spend some money to create a good-looking newsroom for my newspaper students. My colleagues have welcomed me into their fold, and the dean knows my name (really good sign).
I’ve had two of my three classes already — New Media and Reporting & Editing. They both meet on Mondays and Wednesdays. The third class, Media Writing, is a Tuesday-Thursday class.
The day was punctuated with a meeting at The Prairie, the student newspaper. There’s a really great core group of students working for the paper. They’re dedicated to the task, are willing to work for little (or no) money, and they’re already planning stories for our first edition, which will hit campus next Tuesday morning. It’s a period of change for the newspaper, and I’m excited to be nudging them in a great direction.
For anyone who happens to read this, whether you’re an educator or a student, please feel free to share a “first day back” story in the comments section. I’d be glad to post it.

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