A New School Year!

After waiting for months (and months and months) with a summer class in between, the fall semester is finally upon me here at West Texas A&M. Thank heavens.
I moved out here in late May, taught during the month of June, and have basically been prepping as much as possible (and attending copious amounts of meetings) since then. The first day of class is August 30th.
I’ve been around higher ed for a long time, but those who know me already know that this is my first full-time gig as a professor (ahem, assistant professor).
By the way, here’s some (perhaps) interesting info for you. Based on a web search for this — and with results supported by a page on Purdue University’s Computer Science Department website — less than one percent of the U.S. population has a Ph.D. What’s so stunning about this is that once you get one, and you’re pumping your fist because your obit will say “Dr. Butler Cain,” you end up right back at the bottom of another ladder (hired as an assistant professor, maybe associate professor six years later, then full professor many more years later, if your reviewers like you).
I digress.
One of my friends and colleagues from our days at Alabama Public Radio, Jason Norris, has begun Ph.D. classes at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. We’ve been messaging back and forth on Facebook when we find something interesting in the Chronicle of Higher Education. He’s keeping a blog, too. It’s called Learning to Learn; Learning to Teach. His wife, Tiffany, is starting Ph.D. work at the University of North Texas. Her blog is Considering All Things Literary. Hope you two get to talk to each other every once in a while!
One last thing. I’m changing the format of this blog. I like Blogger, and it’s convenient because I have a Google account, but the interface is too frustrating and time consuming to upload all of the photos I want when discussing my travels. So, all of my travel posts will be on another site. Details will be forthcoming.
For all of my fellow teachers, at whatever level of education, and for all of you going back to school — particularly for doctoral studies — have a great start to the school year!
One Response to “A New School Year!”
  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and good luck this semester! That's a good reminder–that, even if you're in the esteemed one percent–you're still below someone. 😉 Story of life, huh?

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