Texas Landscapes

I’ve spent the past few weeks adjusting to my new surroundings — Texas. The Texas panhandle, to be a little more specific. It has been about a dozen years since I’ve been to this part of the country, and now I’ve been reintroduced to the plains.
Flat. Not a lot of trees. Windy.
But the landscapes are quite gorgeous, especially in the evenings as the sun sets. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share just a few photos with you showing the way things look around my new home.

I also wanted to post a short video of a recent rainstorm. When a front comes through here, there are virtually no trees to cut down the wind. And it howls. Notice how the rain is blowing sideways, here. I couldn’t hold still because the wind was pushing me around.

I have big plans to start exploring this area, so I’ll keep you posted with some new pics of what I find. If you’re familiar with this part of the country, I’ll take some suggestions, too. Just leave a comment!

One thought on “Texas Landscapes

  1. holy smokes, that's some strong wind thurr! your pics are breathtaking–makes me wanna come over for a visit! i'm glad to see you're enjoying exploring your new beautiful surroundings. ^^

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