Charleston, Day 2

Hey! Blogger finally got with it re: my Charleston pics. So, here we go. If you’ve been to the downtown area, you’ll recognize the Market Street area. The market was built between 1788 and 1804.

Now, it’s full of shops and restaurants, but it used to be a place where meats, vegetables, fruit, and fish were sold. Of course, another part of the market area, constructed around the middle of the Nineteenth Century, was a place where slaves were bought and sold.
There’s nothing special about this other than my sister-in-law used to live on the upper floors. This is a very popular (and necessary) way of life in this city. There are lots of apartments on top of commercial businesses.
My sister-in-law, Megan, and my bro Justin took me to The Kickin’ Chicken. Cool vibe, good beer, and a really nice buffalo chicken sandwich.
This is Market Hall, built in 1841. It now houses the Confederate Museum.

The next few pics are of the Circular Church, also known as the Independent or Congregational Church of Charlestowne. It was established in 1681. The current building is the fourth to house the church.

This is another church steeple visible from the Circular Church’s cemetery.
Some of the grave markers here are a few centuries old, and there are many that have been damaged.

There’s a pile of broken tombstones lying next to the wall of the cemetery.

A view of the church from the back.
Another pic of the church next door. There are lots of steeples in Charleston’s skyline.
This is one of a few remaining cobblestone streets in Charleston. It. was. bumpy. Seriously, I don’t get how people live and drive on this street every day.

One more steeple.

On the next (and last) installment from Charleston, I’ll show you some pics from Fort Sumter.

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