Charleston, Day 1

I needed to buy a new vehicle, so after I did, I thought I’d break it in by taking a road trip to see my brother and sister-in-law in Charleston, South Carolina. Of course, I took a few pictures. The first you see is the walking path alongside Charleston Harbor.

The next five pictures were taken at Battery Park. There are plenty of cannons and other tidbits of interesting history here.

The cannon below, by the way, is a 13-inch mortar cannon. There are three of them. According to the plaque nearby, they were first used by federal troops to bombard Fort Sumter in October 1863 (two years after South Carolina soldiers took it away from federal possession in 1861). The plaque also says that the three mortar cannons sitting here may be the world’s largest collection of such a weapon.

This was once the home of Thomas Heyward, Jr. He was one of South Carolina’s signers of the Declaration of Independence. This house dates to around 1803.
The homes in downtown Charleston have some very well kept gardens.

I like the poem below. I believe it reads like this: “Be Ye Man or be ye Womman/Be Ye Sune or be ye Late/Be Ye Guan or be ye Cumin/Be Ye Sure to shut this Gate.”
The home below was built in the Georgian style circa 1740.
This car was sitting in one of the many house courtyards around the downtown area.
The house in the picture below, called the George Eveleigh House, is apparently one of a few remaining in Charleston that were built in 1743. The land on which the house sits was granted in 1692. Some restoration work was being done to it during my trip.
Some of the streets around Charleston’s downtown are still brick and stone. We drove down a *crazy bumpy* cobblestone street the day after these pics were taken. I’ll show it to you in the next post.
Gas lanterns are easy to find in this area, and this is just one example of many styles you can find in Charleston.
The last pic on this post is just another one of the fine houses that dot the landscape in this part of the city. This area makes for a terrific morning or afternoon walk.
Come back and see me. I’ll share some more photos from Charleston in the next edition.

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