Dangerous Work for Mexican Journalists

It’s a dangerous time to be a journalist in Mexico.
Kidnappings and murders are happening weekly — sometimes daily. I just read today of another journalist who was found murdered in a most brutal fashion.
As an American journalist, I find this both infuriating and astonishing. Here I am, living in a country that is considered to be an example of what press freedom should look like, while my professional colleagues in a nearby country — one that shares a border with the U.S. — are living in fear for their lives.
Much of the problem is occurring in border towns that are dominated by drug cartels. Journalists who report on the activities of these groups are being intimidated, threatened, and murdered.
The International Journalism Committee of the Society of Professional Journalists has been staying on top of this issue (as have other press organizations), and I give credit to several of my committee colleagues and SPJ’s leadership for making this a priority.
Dan Kubiske, in particular, has posted numerous messages about this issue on our blog, Journalism and the World.
It’s not just Mexico’s problem. For those who are journalists, no matter where you are, it’s a problem for us all.
One Response to “Dangerous Work for Mexican Journalists”
  1. cease ill says:

    I am absolutely amazed that this sense of peril doesn't really translate past San Ysidro…downtown here is so safe…I don't have the paper work to cross at present, but I used to take hostel groups to TJ…it's terrible for their tourism, which is a huge part of the economy…things are strangely safer in the vast area between Tijuana and Mexico City, by all reports.

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