Taipei, Taiwan — Tuesday, March 2

I haven’t provided an update on here lately because I had another opportunity to do a little bit of traveling. This past week I visited Taipei, Taiwan. I flew from Seoul into Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. I opted to take a bus into town — only 140 New Taiwan Dollars (less than $4.50 USD).

If you get to go to Taipei, I highly, highly recommend a stay at Ambience Hotel. The hotel room was great (see the pic below), the staff was incredibly helpful and friendly, and the atmosphere was awesome.
After taking a short nap (hey, I only got three hours of sleep the night before), I decided to spend the afternoon wandering around the neighborhood. This church is a well-known landmark. The cross street is Linsen Road, which hosts a ton of eateries of all kinds.
Scooters rule in Taipei. They are everywhere! This is not an exaggeration. They line the streets when not in use. I’ve even seen a family of three riding on one of these!
My first stop was MOCA — the Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s just a short walk from Ambience Hotel.
The building that houses the museum is also interesting. It was built in the Japanese colonial style during Japan’s colonization of Taiwan. It served as a school for about two decades during part of its history.

I asked the ladies at Ambience (did I mention that they were super friendly and helpful?) to give me a recommendation for dinner. They sent me a few blocks away to a restaurant that’s name is translated to “Chicken House.” My host there recommended the “Three Taste Chicken” dish, which is what you see below. It’s chicken prepared three different ways. That’s black chicken on the right. The skin and meat are black (as is quite obvious), but it’s not burned. It’s just that color.
A pic of the restaurant’s main window.
This is the view from my hotel window. That’s NOT Taipei 101 in the distance. I’ll have pics of that building in another post.
Watch for my next post. I’ll share some pics from my Wednesday wanderings.

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