Travels in Busan #2

Once I got to Busan, I decided to spend an extra night so that I could have one final full day to explore the city before returning to Seoul. “Dynamic Busan” is the city’s advertising campaign. I see its commercials all the time at home.

This is BEXCO — the Busan Exhibition and Convention center.
I took this pic (below) from the BEXCO parking lot. It’s the world’s largest department store, as the big red sign indicates.

On my last day, I went back to where the U.N. Memorial Cemetery is located. On one side of it, there’s the U.N. Sculpture Park. It’s a very short walk through it, but it was nice to see sculptures from artists from around the world.
I always try to go to museums when I travel, and the Busan History Museum had a small special exhibit of tiger paintings for the new year. This past weekend was the lunar new year celebration, and now we’re in the Year of the Tiger.
I don’t recall the name of this kid, but he has to be South Korea’s most famous child actor. He’s everywhere!
This is the entrance to Busan’s Chinatown, which is practically across the street from Busan Station.
And this is a pic of Busan Station. My hotel was literally a stone’s throw away. I got up early on the day of my departure (very, very early) and grabbed the 5 AM KTX train to Seoul.
My last bit of tourism through Busan put me back on one of the Busan City Tour buses for the night lights tour.

Busan was a lot of fun, and if it had been late spring or summer, I would have definitely hit some of the city’s beaches. Maybe some other time.

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