Travels in Busan #1

After I finished my few days on Jeju Island, I hopped a flight to Busan, one of South Korea’s major ports. The BEST way to see the city if you’re tight on time (and money) is to catch the Busan City Tour bus. I rode through the city all day long — and hopped on and off at sites I wanted to visit — for just 10 bucks.

The picture below was taken at Yongdusan Park. That’s the observation tower on the right — 120 meters (nearly 384 feet) high.
The observation tower offered a great 360 degree view of the city.
A few bus stops later, I was at Youngdo 75 Square. This is an area with trails along the coast. As I was walking along, I saw several people fishing from the rocks below me.
Here’s another couple of pictures of the coastline at Youngdo 75 Square.

The next picture was taken at Taejongdae Park. I climbed up into the lighthouse for a look around. But the truth is that the views seen throughout the park are stunning.
A little bit later in the day, I stopped at Jagalchi Market. It’s a huge fish market, as the next few photos will show.

Literally across the street from Jagalchi is PIFF Square. That stands for the Pusan International Film Festival. This is a cinema area with lots of theaters and film industry stuff.
The palm prints of some of Korea’s famous actors and actresses line the streets here.
One of my last stops of the day was at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery. It’s dedicated to UN employees who were killed while serving on UN missions. It is the only UN Forces cemetery.

These were most of the sites I visited during my first full day in Busan. I’ll have one more update from my final day shortly.

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