Travels on Jeju Island #2

On the final day of my stay on Jeju Island, I didn’t have enough time to go hiking Mt. Halla. So instead, I went to the Jeju Bus Terminal (below) and bought a ticket to go see one of Jeju’s most recognizable landmarks.

I got the “purple fun bus.”

Don’t let the picture fool you. After a couple of stops, the bus was packed! An hour-and-a-half later, I arrived at Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak). It’s on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list.
Sunrise Peak was formed by underwater volcanic activity.
This is a pic from the top of Sunrise Peak. Of course, this is a view of the city side.
The pic below is where some of Jeju’s famous women divers were preparing to go back out and dive for abalone. These women are known throughout Korea, and they are actually a major tourist draw. They don’t use breathing equipment, and many can hold their breath upwards of three minutes.

The picture above is the tuff cone portion of Sunrise Peak. You can’t really get the full effect from this picture, but the top of the peak is shaped like a giant bowl.

One of the other things that Jeju is known for is its black pork. So, before I left, I had to try some. Notice the black stuff on the bottom of the pork strip on the right?

To show that it’s legit black pork, the shaved hair is left on the meat. And it is cooked. And it is intended to be eaten. So I ate it.
I took a bus back to Jeju City, hopped a plane to Busan, and continued my adventures the next morning. Those pics are coming soon….

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