Travels on Jeju Island #1

I was fortunate to be able to see a lot more of South Korea last week when I got out of Seoul for several days and traveled to the country’s southern region. My first stop was Jeju Island. All of these pics are from Day 2 of my trip when I took a day-long tour of the western part of the island.
The pics are in reverse time order, by the way. So, we’ll start with the end of the day. I highly recommend visitors to Seoul or Jeju (and even Broadway in NYC) to catch the musical comedy “Nanta” (called “Cookin'” in the U.S.).

This show was fantastically funny and incredibly entertaining. I was sitting in the front row and, perhaps as the only white person in the audience, that made me a prime candidate to get pulled up on stage to participate in some of the antics. Yes, there’s a photo. No, I won’t post it.

This is Jeongbang waterfall. It’s the only seaside waterfall that falls directly into the ocean in Asia.

The picture below is of a temple called Yakcheonsa. It’s the largest Buddhist building in Asia and it also has a great view of the ocean.

This is a look inside the temple.

The Jusangjeoli Rocks are another famous attraction on Jeju Island. They were formed when lava ran into the ocean. The rocks are shaped like six-sided pillars.

This is a “grandfather statue” called Dolharubang. It’s perhaps Jeju’s most recognized symbol. This statue is the biggest one on the island.

Above is an example of how residents of Jeju had to tie down the roofs of their homes. The island is very windy, and if residents didn’t secure their roofs, they would blow away.
The pic below is one of the many greenhouses located at Hallim Park. Though it was cold the day I was there, many of the plants outside of the greenhouses were still alive. This, of course, is a roomful of cacti. This place has lots of great plant life.

This final picture is of O’Sulloc Tea Museum. This is a field full of green tea leaves. The museum will roast the leaves for tea and even offers green tea ice cream (which was quite good).
Oh, but there’s plenty more. Keep watching….

3 thoughts on “Travels on Jeju Island #1

  1. Hi, I am backpacking in Korea this May and would like to stop by Jeju Island. May I know if there are some budget backpacker hostels in Jeju itself? Also, I wish to know the amount of time needed to see the places worth covering in Jeju.

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Elisha!

      I had a great time visiting Jeju. I was there in February 2010. I stayed in the Yeha Guesthouse and it was a great place to spend a few days. Its website is I stayed in the Jeju Terminal guesthouse. At the time, they had several rooms choices. I stayed by myself in a two-bed room, but they also offered beds in community rooms for a cheaper rate. Breakfast is included, and the main dining room has computers, a television, games, and other things to do at the end of a travel day.

      Yeha Guesthouse offers day tours that leave from there and take you to several tourism spots across the island. On my arrival day, I spent the afternoon and evening exploring the city on foot. For day two, I booked a day tour with Yeha and spent the day doing that. On my third and final day, I walked over to Jeju Terminal and took a bus to see Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak). It took about an hour-and-a-half to get there. I spent a couple of hours there, took a bus back to the city, and then had enough time to get back to the airport for departure. I didn’t have time to go to Mt. Halla, so if you are interested in hiking there, you might want to consider setting aside a day for that, too.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll be happy to try to answer them. You’re going to enjoy Jeju!


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