Cold for an Alabama Man

I’m sitting in my apartment on a Sunday night doing my best to have a little “me” time. Tonight, that means picking around on my bass guitar.

But I thought I’d take a few moments to tell you about the cold weather we’ve been having here in South Korea. I can tell you for a fact that the temperature hasn’t risen above the freezing mark for two solid weeks. The coldest night so far saw temps around -24 degrees Celsius (that’s about -11 degrees Fahrenheit).
We’ve had a few days of snow, but Monday, January 4th, saw the biggest one day total of snow in South Korea for the past 70 years. Other reports said it was the most in 100 years. My academy actually canceled classes for the day because Seoul’s roadways were treacherous.
Of course, I found out about it just as I was arriving to work (ha!), but riding the bus through the city gave me the opportunity to see just how bad the snowfall and ice was. Cars were stalled and spun out all over the place, and transportation workers, the police, and even the military had people shoveling snow out of the streets.
The city is still a winter wonderland (the snow hasn’t melted), but all of the roadways are clear. It has been a unique experience for me. Alabama very, very rarely gets this kind of sustained winter weather.

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