SPJ’s Response to Sen. Sessions

I’m taking the liberty of passing along the first three paragraphs of a letter written by Kevin Smith, president of the Society of Professional Journalists.
It concerns the Free Flow of Information Act and how U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) — a senator from my home state — is responding to it. Smith wrote this as an op-ed piece and sent it to Alabama’s newspapers.
Sessions resorts for fear mongering on shield bill

“If U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions proved anything this week it’s that he can’t be relied on to be a reliable source of information to the press and his public, anonymous or not.

Sessions, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has worked tirelessly the last 19 weeks with other Republicans to hold the Free Flow of Information Bill, S-448, hostage. Thursday, after weeks of stall tactics were exhausted and the barrage of amendments (nearly 30 total ) were defeated, the bill was moved to the full senate for consideration.

Not long after the vote, Sessions dug into his bag of political tricks and resorted to mischaracterizations, misinformation and fear mongering. His attempt is clear – unable to claim victory after nearly five months of debate, he wants to scare the people of Alabama into hating the press and stem the flow of information from the government to its people.”

The rest of Smith’s letter can be read on SPJ’s “Freedom of the Prez” blog.

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