Butler’s Burger Bonanza! — Chili King

I’ve been threatening to do a little “burger tour” while I’m here in Seoul, so I finally got moving and picked a sub-freezing December Saturday to start “Butler’s Burger Bonanza.” My first stop was Chili King in Itaewon.

I really like the decor inside the restaurant, which — as you can see from the picture above — isn’t really that big. That makes it cozy and comfortable, though.
That’s Kevin Cyr in the pic above. He’s the owner and cook. He’s been on the Itaewon food scene for several years and finally opened Chili King not too long ago.
Now, I know the restaurant is called “Chili King.” But I opted for one of my favorite burgers here — the Jalapeno ranch burger. Man, it is really good. And hot.
While I was waiting on my burger, I snapped a photo of all of these hot sauce bottles. Make no mistake. There’s a whole lot more on another shelf nearby. I would almost swear that I saw a bottle of Barack Obama hot sauce on the shelf (it looked like this one featured on Amazon), but I forgot to go back and verify it. You’ll have to settle for rumor mongering instead.
Here’s Kevin horsing around with his very nice kitchen assistant. That’s my burger on the grill. Kevin always has music playing, and he’s always singing along with it. Today, he was playing Billboard’s Top 100 songs from 1974. Hey, my birth year! Good music. Ray Stevens’ hit “The Streak” came on while I was eating — love that goofy song (here’s the video on YouTube).
And here it is! This burger comes covered with jalapeno peppers, cheese, and a ranch spread that’s slathered on both buns. Fries and coleslaw come with it. Today I opted for Dr. Pepper to wash it all down.
The fries are seasoned and very crispy — nice! And the burger is fantastic. The ranch spread offers a bit of tang that complements the heat from the peppers.

What’s a burger bonanza without a goofy-looking picture of me with my prize?

I had no trouble cleaning my plate. I like this place a lot, and it’s a short walk from where I live. Even better.
Chili King is closed on Tuesdays, and its address is 118-62 Itaewon dong, Seoul, Korea.

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