Survey Suggests Low Public Support for Media Changes

“Public Opinion Turns Against the GNP” reads the headline. The secondary headline reads “DP survey shows seven out of ten people oppose the media reform bills.”
The Hankyoreh, a progressive newspaper, reported the poll results in its July 25th online edition. The survey supports the opposition Democratic Party’s position that the ruling party — the conservative Grand National Party — has gone against the public’s will in making it easier for South Korean media corporations to engage in cross ownership.
Of course, you’ll want to pay attention to the the survey’s source — the Democratic Party’s own Institute for Democracy and Policies. As someone who has studied polling practices (albeit very briefly), I wonder if the survey is an actual reflection of the nation’s feelings on this matter or if it was crafted with a predetermined outcome in mind.
There’s also a side issue, here. This episode has brought to light the issue of proxy voting — pressing a lawmaker’s “yes” or “no” button when the lawmaker isn’t even present for the vote. The Hankyoreh has a report about this issue, too.

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