An Effort to Stop Korea’s Media Reforms

The political hubbub over South Korea’s highly controversial media reform legislation continued on Thursday. Just one day after a series of brawls on parliament’s floor (see my previous post for a link to that video), Korea’s Democratic Party (the current opposition party) is working to nullify revisions that were approved on Wednesday.
Here’s one of the latest reports on this issue from the Yonhap News agency. This is how The Korea Times is covering it.
The opposition party is now claiming that some of the votes cast on Wednesday were fraudulent, and if the group is successful, it could mean that parliament didn’t have a quorum at the time of the vote. And that, of course, would mean that the vote to change media ownership rules was moot.
However, the episode has already claimed one lawmaker. According to The Korea Herald,

Rep. Choi Moon-soon, a DP lawmaker who was a former head of the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, announced his resignation.

“I was picked as a proportional representative in the field of media but I failed to protect the freedom of speech. Other legislators are not directly responsible for what had happened but I am, which is why I decided to leave the post.”


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