Dropping Out of the Digital Debate (mostly)

I’m holding up my hand and saying “No mas” to keeping up with the raging debate about digital media and citizen journalism.
There are too many opinions, an overload of advice, and too much “you gotta get into this now or you are behind!”
*Main Point Alert*
It’s noble to offer help to the masses who are clamoring to “get into the game.” But as an industry, I think what we’re doing is offering our neighbors advice about how to manicure their yards while overlooking our own wilting shrubs and brown patches.
Journalists are being laid off en masse. Newspapers are closing. Younger people are increasingly getting their “news” from blogs and late night comedy shows. Foreign bureaus have been closed or reduced. Public opinion polls of the news media’s trustworthiness are troublesome.
These are significant issues that aren’t getting nearly the amount of attention that they should from our industry. I’ve decided to focus on a couple of them, chiefly the issues surrounding international journalism and reporting and how different governments treat the press.
So, as my post title states, I’m (mostly) leaving the “digital and citizen journalism” debate in the hands of others. Fare thee well.
One other note: My strategy is to make each of my future blog posts relatively short. If you’re like me, you’re busy and you’re dividing your attention. My plan is to make each post a quick read in under a minute. If you want to explore any links and stick around longer, of course, have at it!

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