You can take the journalist out of the newsroom….

This is a colossal step for me. I haven’t done any real opinion writing since I was the Editorial Page editor of my college newspaper. First, a bit of an intro….
I’ve been studying journalism (high school through Ph.D.), practicing it (nearly two decades) and/or teaching it (5+ years) for my entire adult life.
After spending the past 10-and-a-half very cool years as news director of Alabama Public Radio, I made the decision to get out of daily journalism. Some days that’s a permanent decision; other days it’s a temporary one.
I’m now teaching in Seoul, South Korea. It’s a busy job, but I have a little time on my hands every now and then.
And that leads me to this.
Ever since I installed a Wi-Fi connection in my apartment, I’ve been devouring breaking news updates, Tweets, and other online news offerings from the comfort of my couch (when I’m not working, of course).
My net diet also includes an ever-increasing number of postings about the digital revolution that’s still occurring within — and around — the news media. Some of this is incredibly interesting. And, quite frankly, some of it is rather dull and a waste of my time. I’ll have more on this in an upcoming post.
But now, let’s get to the climax of this short story.
This blog is getting me dangerously close to becoming something that I do not want to become — just another person among millions who has something he thinks is important to say but really, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t.
I am determined not to be one of those chuckleheads who has some one-time funny, witty or crude comment about the media — which then gets picked up and makes the rounds on the Internet.
I’m going for substance, so here’s the deal — and I’ll be uncharacteristically blunt.
I’m writing this blog because I do have something to say, and I do think that it’s worth reading.
There. I feel better. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get this adventure moving along. I want to see your comments. Agree with me. Challenge me. Sympathize with me.
I make one demand, and it’s that your comments have some substance to them. This won’t be Jerry Springer online where you hope to get in a good one-liner or smack down someone (i.e. me) just to be mean. I’m a gatekeeper, remember?
Surprise me….

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