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Boston: Bunker Hill

It’s very likely that my first knowledge about the Battle of Bunker Hill came via Schoolhouse Rock’s Shot Heard Round the World (the Bunker Hill part starts at the 1:00 mark). So it was with great anticipation that I ventured across Boston to visit the Bunker Hill Monument. If you watched the Schoolhouse Rock video (or, ahem, actually … Continue reading


Boston, Massachusetts: Freedom Trail

Once I wrapped up my visit to England, the next leg of my travels took me to Boston, Massachusetts. I had very little experience there: I attended a conference in 1999 (and got to do zero exploration), and I zipped right out of the city in 2011 to spend several days in nearby Worcester. One of … Continue reading


Exploring Oxford, England

Oxford has so much going on: history, education, science, tourism. As I wrote in my previous blog post about my visit here, I really had no plans. I just let the travel fates guide me. This is a collection of photos from my time in the city. I wandered onto Radcliffe Square and discovered the Radcliffe Camera. … Continue reading


Oxford, England: Botanic Garden

On the day the West Texas A&M Study Abroad group left London and traveled home, I packed my bags and took a train to Oxford. I had no solid plans. All I wanted to do was wander around the city and discover interesting things. As I was crossing the River Cherwell via Magdalen Bridge, I … Continue reading


Wanderings in London, England

I spent my time in London this past spring as part of a Study Abroad excursion with West Texas A&M University, so I was happy to go wherever the group was going. I didn’t wander around looking for photo opportunities; I simply snapped photos of things as I was walking by. That’s what you’re getting in … Continue reading


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